10 Tips On How To Treat Your Leather Jacket To Last Long

Have you recently bought a new leather biker waistcoat or a jacket and don't know how you can take care of the leather? Or are you thinking of buying one and doubt moving forward with the purchase due to its complex maintenance? Today, we are going to give you some tips to answer all your questions. How to take care of leather can be easier than you think!

The leather

Do you know leather can be skin treated by tanning? It comes from the skin or layer of tissue that covers the meat of the animals. It is characterized by high resistance and flexibility, which gives it a plus for its subsequent handling and treatment.

If until now you were not sure how to take care of the majestic leather jacket you own, do not worry because we are going to help you. Almost everyone these days has a watch with a leather strap, a belt, or winter gloves. But when it comes to more expensive accessories or garments such as leather waistcoats for bikers, it becomes a necessity to keep it new for long. 

How to take care of leather

Do you know how to take care of the leather in your favorite jacket? You may have wished many times to have a leather jacket, but you did not dare to buy it for the outlay it involved and mainly because you did not know how to care for leather.

What is the perfect treatment to maintain it? What is the leather cleaned with? How to remove stains if unfortunately, it stains? Your care will be a faithful reflection of what the leather jacket looks like and, since you have already spent a whopping amount on it, what better to keep it looking as beautiful and careful as possible.

In this blog post, we answer all of these questions. Follow the guidelines diligently and the leather jacket will be kept in a perfect state for as long as possible. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to do to keep your leather jacket, good as new:

  1. Cover it with a case when not in use

When you buy a leather jacket, the manufacturer usually provides you with a cover so it can be safely stored. But if not, you can cover it with any cotton cloth wrap. The idea is to avoid any unnecessary rubbing or staining.

  1. Protect it from light

Direct sunlight is not a good idea since it can fade the color of the jacket. We advise you to store it in a dry place and protected from sunlight. 

  1. Don't put anything on it

Do not put any weight on it. We recommend not resting jackets on top of each other because their weight can deform them and lose their original state and appearance. 

  1. Be careful with stains

If the jacket has been stained, do not panic! Try cleaning it with a damp cloth, and with small, gentle circular movements, try to remove the stain. If the stain still isn’t removed, visit a dry cleaner without wasting any time. 

  1. The humidity is not good either

If, for any reason, the jacket is wet, direct heat should not be applied to it. This is not an option. The right option would be to dry it with a cotton cloth or leave it at room temperature. Once dry, it should be hydrated to recover its ideal state. 

  1. Protect it from alcohol

Any perfume or alcoholic beverage can stain the leather. We must be careful when throwing a cologne. We suggest to scent your piece casually. Remember that cleaning the skin is not an easy task! 

  1. Oil stains

Oil stains also have a solution. Talcum powder should be applied (as quickly as possible) so that the oil is absorbed. It is advisable to leave the powder at rest for a few hours. When removing it, do it very carefully and with the help of a soft brush. 

  1. Use creams but watch your components

Creams for leather are a good option on some occasions, but we have to keep in mind that these should not carry components such as silicone or petroleum, or derivatives. 

  1. Hydrate it

It is advisable to hydrate it at least once or twice a year, so you can prevent the leather from weakening and losing its original appearance. To do this, you have many specific products that prevent the leather from spoiling. With patience, you will learn how to take care of the leather jacket. A moisturizer is a perfect trick to prevent the jacket from drying out. 

  1. Check what you save

Try not to put certain products that stain, that are fatty, or whose closure can be opened at any time in the pockets. We suggest not putting makeup and cologne boats! Ink can also be an enemy right now. Putting pens run the risk that they may break and stain the jacket.

Do not hesitate to visit our website and contact us with any questions that you may have. We will be happy to answer your questions!