About Us

In the mid 1930's, our small humble business was based in Jam mu Kashmir. Towards the end of the second world war, we en devoured to to supply to the British Army with leather supplies which they had a broad usage for.

Our family run business migrated to Pakistan and continued with the family tradition of forming leather clothing – leather shoes is what the business started off with.

The generation after this is when the family introduced leather hats

In the mid-90s, leather for football, baseball caps, gloves for cycle, gloves for winter, gloves for bikers – started concentrating a lot on leather hats, which was in 1994. Based in Sialkot.

In 1998, supplies for equestrian related things were created and was always exported to Europe and the US.

(get pictures of letters where request for footballs from footballing organisational bodies were made)

Commenced retail back in 2003

LESA collection was registered in the UK back in 2013. 

About Us

In the early 1940’s during the second world war based in North India, Jammu Kashmir, the Ahmad family would supply leather to the British army.

In 1947 the family decided to migrate to the then newly formed Pakistan and ended up trading from Sialkot, which has a worldwide reputation for exporting, their high-quality leather, surgical instruments, official sports related equipment ranging across from cricket to FIFA world cup footballs.

The first generation of the family commenced their work in Sialkot by creating leather shoes.

The next generation then decided to introduce leather hats and by the mid-90’s, the family decided to offer a full repertoire of products ranging from footballs, baseball caps, leather jackets, gloves for cycling, gloves for winter and really started to specialize in their leather hats collection.

By 1998, supplies for equestrian related goods were started to be made and exported to the US as well as to several countries within Europe.

By 2003, the business also started to operate in a retail format continuing its traditions of creating high quality goods.

By 2012 the business was registered in the UK as LESA Collection. Ever since then, there has been continuous appreciation from the US, Australia and Europe for the incredible quality of leather that has been sold in the form of jackets, hats, waistcoats, horse rider equipment and sports related products, as well as other accessories.

LESA Collection from its very start, when it originated in the early 1940’s never compromised with the quality of its product range. This has helped us create a unique identity in a market where there is a large pool of other suppliers, yet our identity has sustained a strong reputation for the immense appreciation that has been received from our customers world-wide.


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