7 Reasons Why A Stylish Leather Waistcoat Is An Investment For Your Closet

If there is a statement piece that all women want to have, it is the classic black leather waistcoat or jacket. A leather jacket symbolizes a stronger inside, but chic and classy outside. Over the years, notable female personalities like Joan Jett, Deborah Harry, Foxy Brown and Sandy in the movie Grease, have all symbolized their character with a leather jacket. No matter if your style is classic, avant-garde or a bit modern, there is a leather waistcoat suitable for your body, style and budget. Cindy Crawford, Sharon Stone and Frances Fisher loved wearing leather jackets. With some inspiration from our celebrities, this is what you should look for in a leather jacket:

  • A biker style jacket that is long to the waist, with a belt, a diagonal zipper and flared neck.
  • A biker waistcoat looks elegant, with a straight front zipper and a banded collar.
  • Another chic style is the aviator that closes the zipper on the front. But it has an elastic waist and wrists and has a softer notch, jacket type.
  • The blazer type jacket is well fitted, but in leather, fitted at the waist and hips, and is even below the hips.

Find a leather waistcoat jacket with which you feel comfortable

Leather waistcoats for women are generally inspired by motorcyclists. But some other alternatives and hybrids modify the style. For example, some biker jackets do not wear a belt and do not have zippers.

Here are your 7 best options available:

  1. Real or synthetic?

It is a matter of awareness, price and practicality. If having a leather jacket is on your wish list, but the cost prevents it, try a synthetic leather one, which is also much more affordable. Of course, leaving ethics aside, you may find a classic or vintage leather jacket online, but synthetic leather (sometimes called "vegan leather") is now so authentic in appearance that you'll have to look for the price and the label twice.

  1. Aim for maximum versatility

The most expressive black leather jackets the ones for all seasons, wear throughout the year, and during the day or night. Don't settle for just one style. You can wear your leather jacket over a T-shirt or a summer dress to go to an air-conditioned theatre or restaurants. Put it on a long sweater, tank top and jeans on a fitted dress, under a raincoat; combine it with leotards and a hoodie or try under a winter coat or trench to give style and warmth.

  1. Get a medium weight jacket

Some leather jackets are stiff and take time to release when they are new, like dark jeans, 100% cotton and without elasticity. Who has the time or patience for that? Instead, look for soft jackets that fit your body from day one. The texture varies from a faded, tanned or granulated finish, to a smooth finish. If you’re looking to buy online, it can be difficult to distinguish it with just the pictures and the description, so check the return policy.

  1. Be a perfectionist with the notch

Leather tends to conform to the contours of your body. This enables the jackets to look better over time. The shoulders of the jacket should line up where yours do, without bulky shoulder pads that usually make one look like a quarterback. The armholes should be at the highest point of the shoulder, and the sleeves should be a little tight to your arms.

Check the notch with and without the layers of clothing. You should be able to wear the jacket open or closed over a light blouse or a medium-weight sweater and not feel that you are too loose or too tight. Cross your arms, lift them over your head, also try with a shoulder bag. For your information: asymmetric zippers favor a large bust. Just make sure the zipper slides up and down without difficulty and doesn't get caught in the lining. (This goes for all zip styles).

  1. How fashionable you should be

Some of us have a personal style with luxuriance and sparkles. Find a balance. An extra dose of tacks on the lapels or the belt requires a simple jacket. Too many stickers, ornaments with fringes and hearts, angels or decorative dragons can take away the look of a leather jacket — real or synthetic — and limit its versatility. Unless you're a true fashion follower or a rock star, keep the vivacity for some jewelry.

  1. Wear the black leather jacket with all black

For a trailblazing effect, follow a monochrome style from head to toe. The black leather jacket gives a sophisticated touch/urban/sensual/mysterious to black t-shirts with jeans, a tube skirt with pointed heels or wide-leg pants with ankle boots.

  1. Style to go out at night

Wear a leather waistcoat or a jacket over an elegant dress or evening pants. You can opt for velvet jeans or fitted pants, with a shiny top, any shawl or cardigan will look positively retro. Do not be afraid to add a touch of color with a silk blouse or a scarf on the neck, or combine it with fabrics such as lace or velvet, or floral and funky dresses.

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