Basic Tips To Remove Stains From Leather

Good leather is priceless! It remains a topical material in the manufacturing of garments such as leather waistcoats and jackets, upholstery of sofas, chairs and armchairs, and personal items such as bags, belts or shoes. However, there are many types of materials that mimic natural coating, and that present fewer complications than having to remove stains from natural leather without spoiling the product. But obviously, imitations never have the category and aesthetic qualities that a natural leather provides.

If you have leather garments and articles, we will explain how to remove stains from natural leather, without damaging the material.

Essential tips to remove leather stains

  • The authenticity of the material, texture and finish, and the type of stain are aspects that determine the way to remove stains from the leather.
  • Before removing skin blemishes, the first thing to be clear about is whether it is natural or synthetic because the procedures can vary greatly.
  • Also when selecting remedies to clean the leather, you have to know which are the most appropriate depending on the finish, because the same procedures and products are not used to clean patent leather waistcoats, leather jacket, or remove stains from leather shoes.
  • As a basic rule, it is necessary to know that it is not good to wet the skin to remove stains from natural leather, whatever the type of finish. Leather is a very absorbent raw material, except when the finish is corroded. You must understand if the leather product you own can be cleaned directly with a damp cloth or not?
  • It is not necessary to use non-contrasted chemical products, or any liquid to clean the leather. We recommend when using new products to clean all types of leather goods, it is advisable to perform a test in a poorly visible area of ​​the part or article to see what reaction it produces.
  • In case of using water on the authentic leather to remove stains, it should never be applied directly on the material, but a cloth or fabric must be moistened. Clean or wipe the stained area with it.
  • The same happens with the creams to moisturize and nourish the natural leather. For example, leather waistcoats, shoes, bags can be treated with the help of a brush, or cloth that can quickly spread the product evenly so as not to cause corrosion and stains.
  • Another equally important issue as the previous ones is to prevent the dirt from drying out, making it much more difficult to remove stains from the leather. As time goes by, it is necessary to reduce the stains immediately, using absorbent paper.
  • Do not use abrasive products such as scourers with powerful scratching effect. They will badly scratch the skin, finishing off the protective layer and degrading the pigments and dye.
  • The most suitable accessories to remove stains from the leather, whether it is natural, or if it is synthetic, are sponges, cloths, and natural bristle brushes. And of course, under no circumstances should bleach. Ammonia or other similar products cannot be used in the cleaning of leather garments, but for furniture it is not a bad option. 
  • Marseille soap is beneficial for removing specific types of spots respecting the delicate characteristics of natural leather.

And now that we have explained a series of basic concepts about leather cleaning let's see how to remove stains from leather depending on the type of substance that produces them.

How to remove oil stains

To clean oil stains on leather, apply absorbent paper. It can then be rubbed without leaving the stain contour with a cotton swab or a little of this material soaked with ether. Repeat with clean cotton until the stain disappears, and end up providing hydration and nutrients to restore natural shine, after removing stains from the leather.

To remove dry oil and grease stains on leather goods, you must use the turpentine essence. Apply on a cloth dampened with this substance, and rub from the outside and inside of the stain, until they disappear.

How to remove saltwater stains

One way to clean saltwater stains on leather coats is to make a mixture with one part of milk for two of alcohol, soaking a sponge and cleaning with it.

How to clean tar spots

To remove this type of stain, it is necessary to spread petroleum jelly on the tip of the cloth, and apply with precision so that the dirt dissolves. Finish by using some moisturizing product to get shine and protection for the leather.

How to remove wine stains 

To remove stains from the leather waistcoat after spilling wine, you must first check that the material has a protective layer. If not, then you need to seek the help of a company specialized in leather cleaning.

At home, hydrogen peroxide can be used on cotton according to the size of the stain and applied on the spot so that the product acts. If the stain is fresh and has not yet dried, you can first use bicarbonate, and then apply hydrogen peroxide.