Leather Jackets: A Classic Up Close And Personal Garment In Our Closet

Leather jackets have become with the evolution of time an eternal piece and a fundamental basic to convert any style into a perfect one. The leather biker jacket or biker waistcoats have evolved, and new designs are emerging in the market. Every season we can observe new models and a wide variety of colors. No matter if it is padded, with zippers or without them, it is always an excellent choice to have as at least one in the closet.

What are leather jackets?

Leather jackets or waistcoats can be defined as a timeless jacket, and a perfect garb to protect from cold climates. Leather waistcoats for bikers vary in design, models and colors but will always remain a classic for both women and men, of all ages.

The emergence of leather jackets was in the early 1900s. Army members used it to cover themselves from the cold. But, it was not until the 20's that they gained a lot of popularity. Since the first leather biker jacket was characterized by a zipper cross closure, asymmetric pockets and military-type shoulder pads. Over the years it became a trendy garment because it alluded to rebellion, and was used mainly by motorcyclists and Hollywood stars.

Guide to buy leather waistcoats for bikers

Due to its design and variety of styles, the biker is one of the favorite items for both men and women. Its timelessness allows it to be used at any time of the year, but when choosing which one to buy, there are aspects that you should take into account such as:

Size: biker waistcoat or jacket is chic among men and women. Ideally, a jacket that fits your body is the one that has enough space between your skin and the garment to wear under a shirt.

Versatile Style: It is vital to look for a leather jacket that can adapt to all kinds of situations. The primary colors to choose are black, oxford gray or brown, which will help you to combine them with the rest of the pieces in your wardrobe.

Vintage style: Currently, the vintage style is very fashionable, especially in the male audience. The only disadvantage is not being able to use it on formal occasions.

Price: This type of jacket is usually expensive for the material that is designed, the most comfortable and ideal is to have a brand-name leather jacket in the closet. It is not just for exclusivity but because a jacket with high-end leather, ensures durability if you take care of yourself adequately.

Differences between women's leather jackets and men's leather jackets

The fad of leather garments is still in vogue, both for men and women. And one of them, which never goes out of style and that on the contrary, adapts to new trends in the jacket. This inseparable leather garment has been present since the Victorian era. It marked differences between men and women, according to the position of the buttons, color gamut, size, style and even the closure.

One of the main differences is in the area where the buttons are placed and also the closures. For men's leather jackets, these are located on the right side. Whereas for women, on the left. Everything is due to the customs of the medieval or the Victorian era. Mainly because men needed to use their hands, on their sides, to unsheathe their swords. While women, almost always had maids who dressed them and it was easier to be right-handed.

Another difference lies in the size. Because of the body textures, men have wider backs and longer torsos. Women's jackets have additional measures in the bust, as well as the waist. If the jackets are made to measure, they will be adapted to the exact measurements of the user. However, there are standard measures for men and women.

Also, there are differences in neck space. In men's jackets, there is more space in that area for wide necks, as they tend to be straighter. For women, the space in the frontal area is smaller.

As for the color, there are also differences. In men, the black leather jacket is the most common, but also colors such as blue, grey, or brown. For women, the range of colors is more varied, since they are used from the most traditional, to colors such as white, red, navy, bottle green, khaki, black and more. 

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