Leather care- How to take care of your leather jacket

The guide to taking care of your leather clothing

So if we’re being honest even if you only have one item of leather clothing whether it’s a leather hat or a jacket, it is our most valuable piece of clothing. Leather is an investment piece, with many timeless and classic designs suitable for any occasion. Leather is also one of the most durable materials, responding well to daily wear and tear, meaning you can wear the same leather piece of clothing for as long as possible. This then makes us question how do we take care of leather clothing?

   How to clean genuine leather

Keeping your leather clean is an important part of ensuring your leather item stays looking it’s best. For leather jacket wearers you can wipe your jacket down with a damp cloth as often as it needs, this removes excess dirt, dust, makeup etc. Do not over-soak your leather item and leave it to dry naturally. If your leather item is in need of a boost there are many different types of leather sprays on the market to use such as ‘cherry blossom ultra-repel ‘great for getting that shine back. Keeping your leather item clean is the best way to keep it looking amazing.

How to treat a leather jacket

Most leather jackets are made to be long lasting and don’t require much maintenance. However, waterproofing is the best way to ensure your leather jacket has an extra layer of protection. There are many amazing products on the market including waxes, sprays and creams which you can even buy from your local shoe shop. You can also treat your leather with conditioner as this will keep it soft and supple and will prevent your leather from cracking, and essentially restore its life.

 Restoring or repairing your leather jacket To restore your leather jacket ensure you find a suitable retailer, however for smaller tears a leather patch can be sown or glued over the tear; a quick and easy solution. Fear not this will not make your leather jacket any less fashionable, it will only increase the versatility. If your leather jacket requires an extra boost a restorative spray is the way to go for a quick fix. If your leather is lacking in color leather re-coloring balms are a great way to restore the color. Use our fantastic tips to keep your leather looking fabulous!