Why Leather Jackets Are The Most Timeless Form Of Attire?

From World War I to Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, and COMME des GARCONS, the leather jacket is an essential element of the wardrobe. Leather jackets have always been marginal or dissident, however most of the time they are posited as luxury items. To understand this, it is enough to go back to the origin of the First World War, where Belgian and French aviation forces wore leather jackets and the US army used a shorter jacket. This gave rise to the version we currently know of the traditional biker waistcoat.

Traditional and timeless journey of a biker waistcoat

 It was in the thirties when leather biker jackets were commercialized and acquired the style of the motorcyclist. It was in 1928 when the “perfect motorcycle jacket,” the first modern biker models were created at the request of Harley Davidson.

 In the 50s, Marlon Brando appeared with one of them in The Wild One. Later, James Dean continued reinforcing the aura of this biker jacket, causing a fascination in the female audience and a massive demand among male consumers. A short time later - precisely in 1960 - Yves Saint Laurent presented for Christian Dior and the world of haute couture his first leather jacket in a collection inspired by youth subculture. Later biker waistcoats became the perfect canvas for urban tribes like the punks to generate an iconography of the rebel. 

The leather jacket, regardless of its models or directions, is still a must in the men's wardrobe, but how can it be used correctly? How many options can be checked with such a jacket? What are the looks that can be achieved?

Are you lost in the selection of biker jackets? Here are some tips for you to choose from!

Faced with a massive supply of these classy biker jackets, it is sometimes difficult to know which model will best fit your needs. For this reason, we bring together the main characteristics to consider when choosing your biker leather jacket.

Biker jacket or biker waistcoat?

Both the jacket and the waistcoat each have their function. Big and comfortable, leather biker waistcoat is primarily for riders who travel long distances. Whereas, the biker jacket is more versatile and with a multiplicity of variations, for athletes, motorcyclists, fashionistas or just for sunday walks.

Fabric or leather biker jacket?

Fabric or leather, each of these materials have predestined advantages for specific uses. Known for its resistance to abrasion in the fall, over time, leather has come to be considered as a second skin. 

Biker jacket and RULES

According to European standard EN 13594, modern motorcycle jackets must respond to a series of characteristics related to the level of protection: resistance to abrasion, explosion, perforation, etc. Therefore, choose an approved leather biker jacket, which guarantees these benefits in case of fall.

How to choose the correct size 

This is something you can’t miss! Make sure that your jacket fits you well. Measure your chest with a tape measure, then check the correspondence table available on each product sheet. Depending on your measurement, you will find the size recommended by the manufacturer for the selected product. In case of a mistake, do not forget that established brands such as LESA Collection offer you the option to return your product!

What is the budget?

Some specific questions can help you see more clearly: What is your experience driving a motorcycle? If you are a beginner, it is best to opt for a versatile and economical jacket until you decide which one best suits your needs. Pilots who know the type of jacket they prefer can have a good time without risking a bad decision!

How often do you calculate that you are going to use the biker jacket? If you only travel occasionally, your needs will not be the same as if you had to face the road every day, whatever the weather conditions. The price of the jacket will vary.

Long trips or short trips? In the first case, it is probably not necessary to invest in a high-end biker. Therefore, more expensive. Is the jacket going to be used for the rally, competition? A product designed for such an event generally implies a higher purchase cost.

Why buy leather biker waistcoats?

To know the origin of the biker jacket or biker waistcoat, we must go back to the US motorcycle world in the 1930s. In those years, the American Motorist Association (AMA) organized races and even better dressed Moto Club’s competitions. A motorcyclist was understood as a gentleman who should be dressed according to his status.

In those days, the motorcyclists wore sweaters over the shirt with their respective ties. It was also common to see university jackets. Some motorcycle clubs began to show off the name of the club on the back of their jackets.

The use of the custom vest was further popularized in the 60s and 70s as a tradition of the clubs' sewing patches on them. At the same time, the irruption of music styles such as rock, punk, or metal, turned leather into a symbol of rebellion. In addition to all this, its use also augmented the ease of taking it off or putting it under the jacket when required.

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