Why you should layer up with leather

For those cold, winter days when just one hoodie won't suffice, layering is the only way to go. Not only that, layering is also becoming an increasingly popular way to style clothing, and what better way to do it other than with a traditional leather jacket. Many people will wince at the idea of layering with leather, but when it's done correctly- you'll be ready to tackle anything.

The first trick to layering with leather is to make it look effortless, like you planned your outfit with no second thoughts. One of the ways to do this is to pair your leather jacket/waistcoat with a simple T-shirt, a plain hoodie, or a jumper. Having a simple outfit to pair your leather jacket with ensures your outfit still looks understated added with that wow factor. Your leather jacket is the prime piece of clothing for your outfit and can change your look completely.

Nowadays, there are many different styles of leather jackets which are easy to layer-up with, such as Brando-style, Vintage jackets, Codura collarless waistcoats and Retro-style bomber jackets. This is a great selection we have picked which look extremely fashionable when layered with pretty much anything.

Leather waistcoats are also an ideal way to layer your clothing especially if you prefer more arm room. They are also extremely stylish and give you that edgy look. Find a leather jacket which fits you perfectly so you can layer up this winter with ease.